The Hounds

The Hounds is a garage/indie duo from Leiden, the Netherlands. Their theatrical and compelling storytelling is backed by drone-soundscapes and fuzzy guitars. Prepare to be taken to a world of butchers, barbers and preachers with blood on their hands and young ones, sailing away.

Conform their DIY-attitude, The Hounds released two cassette tapes, each time collaborating with a local artist to produce the artwork. 'Tape2' is also being distributed digitally by label Smikkelbaard on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Recently The Hounds appeared on radio and television to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. The photo for their accompanying interview with '3voor12 Leiden' was awarded '3voor12 Leiden Pop Photo Of The Year' by the public.

Currently The Hounds are conspiring to releasing new material.

"Get thee behind me, Zeeman!" - Richard Foster